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Tips on Protecting Your Vehicle During Rainy Seasons

Three Tips to Protect Your Vehicle from Rainy Seasons

Though the Orangeville area has started moving into summer weather, rainy weather persists. Although some may enjoy the sound and ambiance of a good storm, our vehicles may not be as big fans. With a few long days of rain coming up in the local forecast, we at Blackstock Ford Lincoln wanted to go over a few tips on protecting your vehicle during rainy seasons.

Prepare Ahead of the Season

One easy way to make sure your vehicle is well-equipped for rainy seasons is to prepare ahead of time. Often, this means giving your vehicle a coat of wax to prevent water from coming in contact with the paint. Making sure moisture doesn’t find its way underneath the paint or the vehicle’s underbelly helps prevent any rusting. Other ways to protect a vehicle is to simply keep it under a waterproof cover and ensure your windows and sunroofs are rolled up, which can protect you whenever rain is about to hit.

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Wash Your Vehicle After It Rains

Rainwater isn’t always as clean as we may think it is. It can often contain contaminants that can erode your paint and allow later rainstorms to start affecting your vehicle underneath. To prevent this, washing your car periodically – especially after a rainy day – can prevent those contaminants from remaining on your vehicle. This also makes for a great time to wax that car for future storms down the road!

Prevent Rain from Coming into the Interior

Though the exterior needs to be protected, your interior also matters. With electronic features, condensation inside your cabin can cause serious issues. New vehicles usually have strong door and window seals to prevent any extra water from coming into the vehicle, but it’s always best to check and replace them as needed. Also, vehicle accessories like rain guards or window visors can help prevent rain from coming in. Blackstock Ford Lincoln can help, as our service department can help install any accessories you may order!

Protect Your Vehicle with Blackstock Ford Lincoln

Spring and summer months in the area can be filled with plenty or precipitation. Making sure your vehicle is prepared for the incoming rain can make it last much longer than normal. Plus, it can help your resale value once you decide to trade it in for a newer model! Stop into Blackstock Ford Lincoln and let us help keep your vehicle running smoothly with our top-quality service center!

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