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Does the image on the left trigger you?

We apologize - we know how it feels. We've all seen it, the dreaded check engine light. When it comes on, we have no idea why, but we all have that same immediate fear - that our car's life may be coming to an end.

We know that you hate the check engine light just as much as we do, so we're here to help.

First of all, you're probably on this page because you Googled "check engine light", so let's hop right to it.

First of all, if your check engine light is blinking, please immediately have your vehicle serviced - your engine is likely misfiring or there is a severe mechanical / cylinder issue. Call us immediately at (519) 941-5431 and ask to speak with someone in service or call your roadside assistance.

Common Reasons For The Check Engine Light
  • Check your gas cap immediately. The most common cause is a broken, loose or faulty gas cap. If there's something wrong with the cap (or the valve as is the case on newer Fords), gas vapour could be leaking into the fueling system, which will cause the check engine light.
  • Low oil - have you changed your oil recently? That sounds like a stupid question, doesn't it? But a lot of car owners assume that we just want your money when we recommend regular oil changes. However, if the check engine light comes on, and you haven't kept up with your oil changes, you might have a very low oil level and should immediately bring your vehicle in for an oil change.
  • Gas sensors - i.e. oxygen or airflow sensors - faulting or damaged
  • Malfunctioning catalytic converter
  • Thermostat / temperature sensing issues - this may be especially noticeable if your air conditioning is not working and/or causes your vehicle to stall or not start
  • Damaged spark plugs, wires or coils
Let us help you & take care of your vehicle. If you have a check engine light and are unsure of what the problem is, please contact us at (519) 941-5431 or use the form to the left and we will do our best to assist you.