Why Buy From Us

A message from Jim Carson, President and Owner of Blackstock Ford Lincoln.

You Drive Us To Be Different.

By now, we all know the turnaround story of this new global economy when Ford Motor Company headed down a brave path they called, One Ford. A truly global company, bringing the best of Ford's worldwide operations to become the leader it is today.

One Ford, also means that together as a manufacturer and an independent dealer, we share values.

I live in the community and I am proud to be a long time Ford and Lincoln Dealer serving the Orangeville, Mono, Erin, Dufferin and Caledon area. We are committed to the community though various programs such as our partnership funding the Headwaters Healthcare Centre and our Drive 4 UR Community Events. We are also involved in a number of other local events and we financially support dozens of community programs.

You Drive Us To Be Different truly has meaning.

At Blackstock Ford Lincoln we follow 6 Core Values that guide us every day. We may not always be perfect, but we will follow our Core Values. They are on the wall in our service department, they are on the wall in our meeting room and they are on the back of every team member's business card.

Due Diligence
Go above and beyond

We refer to them as our BRIDGE to success.

At Blackstock Ford Lincoln, we are well know for customizing your vehicle to make it work best for you. What we are especially proud of is our ability to save our customers time and money. We can do this by directly and expertly supplying the best in class products that our customers want and value for their specific lifestyle at a great price.

In 2014 we opened our own customization centre, Bad Dog Modifications and Detail Centre, 670 Riddell Rd. In addition to the best accessories from Ford, Lincoln, and Ford Racing we also bring you world class products with integrity from:

  • 3M Window Tint and Paint Protection.
  • Rustcheck Oil Spray.
  • Katzkin Automotive Leather.
  • GTechniq Nano Technology Surface Coatings.

Virtual Tour of our Modification Centre

Our goal is to be the most trusted and respected automotive dealership. I hope you agree, we are different, and it is you, the customer that drives us to be.

You Drive Us To Be Different

A note about Ford Motor Company

This is perhaps the greatest era in automotive history.

Products have never been made safer or longer lasting and are certainly better for the environment. Many say automotive history was written by Henry Ford. Ford changed the world by demanding a car for the masses. He started modern assembly line techniques that are still used today. He doubled wages overnight to raise the industrial living standard. He pioneered environmental breakthroughs such as recycled wooden crates for Model T bodies. He also created new materials such as Soya Plastic, Soya Paint and Hemp body panels.

To this day, Ford Motor Company remains in the hands of the Ford family. People, not investors make bold decisions and innovative products. Over 100 years of business has brought the family immense wealth but I believe, long ago, the decisions by the Ford family stopped being about wealth. I believe they are about continuing the legacy and remaining relevant. They continue pushing new investments into innovative technologies that make both, better automobiles and a better world.

Bill Ford "In 2000, at the dawn of the 21st century, I addressed the national Ceres Conference in San Francisco to announce that our company would follow the Ceres Principles, a 10-point code of corporate environmental conduct. By endorsing these principles, we pledged to go beyond the requirements of the law to preserve and protect the environment, and human health and safety" Sustainability at Ford here.