Theft & Security

By now, you might have seen that we offer "Theft & Security" for $499. You, being the avid or experienced car buyer that you are, immediately have a siren going off in your head, saying "boy, that sounds like another gimmick for this dealer to get more of my money!"

Rest assured, that is not the case.

So what is "Theft & Security", exactly?

  • $5,000 theft compensation - if our theft & security failed to prevent the theft of your car, and your insurance company determines it was a total loss, our theft & security provider will provide you with a $5,000 credit towards the purchase of a new vehicle at our dealership.
  • $1,000 theft accomodation - in addition, if your vehicle has been stolen, our theft & security provider will cover up to $1,000 in combined replacement rental costs and accommodations (the latter if your car was parked 150+ km from your home).
  • Nitrogen filled tires - the air we breathe is about 78% nitrogen already, but the 21% oxygen, 1% argon and other gases make our air vulnerable to escaping from tires. Filling your tires with pure nitrogen extends the life of the fill in your tires, which helps improve tire wear & fuel economy.
  • McGard Chrome wheel locks - having your wheels stolen, especially stock wheels, is one of those "that will only happen to someone else" type scenarios. Unfortunately, to everyone else, you are "someone else" - and wheels & tires do get stolen. If you've ever changed your own tire, you know how easy it is to jack a car up and swap a tire - don't take that chance.
  • Body frame etching - when a vehicle is stolen, they are often quickly brought to a chop shop and disassembled for spare parts, and pieces of the body are generally the most valuable and hardest to trace. Etching the VIN onto the pieces scares many car thieves & illegal chop shops off from stealing & destroying your vehicle.
  • 1 year tire & rim road hazard warranty - this warranty will cover damage done to tires & rims and cosmetic damage as a result of hitting a road hazard; defined as any objects on the road that should not be there (glass, nails, debris, garbage, etc).

Exact terms & parameters of our Theft & Security package are available upon request at the dealership, and a copy of the terms will be given to you to review before signing and accepting delivery of a vehicle.