2020 Ford Expedition outside of a barn

Can the 2020 Ford Expedition Go Off-Road?

It’s not easy to get to some spots in the great outdoors. Rough roads and tough terrain can eat up lesser vehicles. If you are an off-road enthusiast, then you need a special kind of vehicle. The average sedan isn’t going to cut it when things get choppy.

Some vehicles can handle rough roads better than others, but it always helps to have a vehicle that was made to do it. There are a lot of little things that make taking to the trails easier, and the new package for the 2020 Ford Expedition has those things. It is a new packaged that will make it even easier to go where you want to go.

2020 Ford Expedition Off-Road Package

There is a lot of love out there for the 2020 Ford Expedition. It is a hardy and robust SUV that is able to do a lot of different things for its drivers. It has a strong engine and well-built body to keep it going, but the FX4 off-road package enhances all of that. It adds in all of the things that one would need to go off-road.

2020 Ford Expedition wide shot of the profile

2020 Ford Expedition wheel close up

The FX4 package includes everything from skid plates to badging. Even the suspension has been tuned and calibrated for better off-road performance. Any Expedition that is equipped with the FX4 also has an electronic limited-slip differential system installed into it. This new package makes the Expedition the perfecting hunting or fishing partner as it can haul over 4,000kgs when properly equipped.

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Test Drive a 2020 Ford Expedition in Orangeville, ON

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