Exterior view of a black 2019 Ford Ranger driving through snow

What Cab Configurations are Available on the 2019 Ford Ranger?

2019 Ford Ranger Cab Configurations

Are you thinking about purchasing a new 2019 Ford Ranger from the excellent staff here at Blackstock Ford? If so, then are about to make an excellent decision! The 2019 Ford Ranger is an excellent mid-size pickup truck that customers here in Orangeville, ON are sure to love! As you move through the purchase process, you will need to decide which cab configuration of the 2019 Ranger you would like. Let’s take a closer look at the 2019 Ford Ranger Cab Configurations together!

Exterior view of a blue 2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab

2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab

One of the cab configurations available on the 2019 Ford Ranger is the SuperCab. This cab configuration features two full-size doors and two smaller access doors. These access doors swing open 170 degrees and allow easy access to the rear row of seating. However, these doors can only be opened when the front door on the same side is also open. The SuperCab configuration comes with a 6-foot truck bed that offers 51.8 cubic feet of cargo volume.

Exterior view of a silver 2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew®

2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew®

The other cab configuration available on the 2019 Ford Ranger is the SuperCrew®. Instead of two full-size doors and two smaller access doors, this cab configuration features four standard doors. The cab of the SuperCrew® is relatively similar to the front area of a crossover vehicle. This is a much better option for customers with families, as the SuperCrew® offers more comfort for rear passengers. The SuperCrew® cab configuration comes with a 5-foot truck bed that offers 43.3 cubic feet of cargo volume.

Customers who are interested in exploring the two cab configurations of the 2019 Ford Ranger for themselves, then they should contact the staff here at Blackstock Ford today!

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