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What is Ford MyKey®?

Ford MyKey® Features and Settings

Many new Ford vehicles come equipped with the Ford MyKey features and settings available. This technology is designed for Ford Owners to set certain limitations of the vehicle that correspond to particular keys. The main goal of this technology was to allow parents to set limitations for their teenage drivers to help teach them safe driving habits. The staff here at Blackstock Ford in Orangeville, ON is here to help our customers learn more about the Ford MyKey technology. Let’s explore how this technology works together!

Ford MyKey® Basic Features

All but one of your Ford vehicle’s keys can be programmed as a MyKey. The only key that cannot be programmed is the admin key, which is used to create a MyKey, program configurable MyKey settings, and clear all the MyKey features. When a MyKey has been programmed, the information display can be accessed to determine how many MyKeys are active and the total distance traveled with each MyKey.

Ford EcoSport front interior

Ford MyKey® Standard Settings

Every enabled MyKey comes with standard or default settings that cannot be changed or adjusted by the admin key. These default settings include:

  • Safety belt reminder turns on and the audio system will remain muted until the front seat safety belts are fastened.
  • The low fuel or low charge warning (electric vehicles) will activate sooner than normal to alert drivers to refuel or recharge.
  • All equipped driver assistance features will be activated and unable to be turned off.
  • If the vehicle features satellite radio, adult content restrictions will be turned on automatically.

Ford MyKey® Customizable Settings

In addition to the standard MyKey settings, Ford vehicle owners can set up a few more customizable MyKey settings as well. Some of the settings that can be customized with the admin key include:

  • Vehicle Speed Limit: When drivers with MyKey reach a set speed, visual and audible warnings will activate until the driver lowers their speed below the limit.
  • Audio Volume Limit: This setting will prevent MyKey drivers from exceeding a volume of 45%. This also disables the speed-sensitive or speed-compensated automatic volume control as well.
  • Always On Features: This setting will make certain features like Advance Trac, Emergency Assist, or Do Not Disturb always active. MyKey drivers will be unable to deactivate these features.

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