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Ford Plans to Roll Out Over-The-Air Updates for New Vehicles

There are a lot of great features in our cars these days. New cars have a lot of high-tech features packed into them. We have smartphones and smart homes, so it only makes sense that we would eventually have smart cars.

There are plenty of ways our phones can connect with our cars too. The synergy between all of the technology we own. The nice thing about a lot of it is that any updates can simply be downloaded. Anytime our phones need an update, they update themselves while we sleep. Our phones are always on though, how do we ever update our cars? We can’t plug our cars into a computer and download the updates. Ford found a way to solve this problem.

Ford Unveils Plans for Updating Vehicle Software

We know how fast our technology keeps updating. It only takes a few days, sometimes hours, before the newest technology is already out of date it seems. Some things can just be updated, but our cars can’t. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out your car is out of date the moment you drive it off of the lot.

2019 Ford Taurus dashboard media display

Driver operating a 2020 Ford Escape

Ford is unveiling a plan to send out over-the-air updates for its vehicles in 2020. The plan is to equip new and redesigned vehicles with the capability to receive these updates. Customers will be able to select a time their car is not in use to receive these updates to have them taken care of before they even notice. Drivers will receive notifications about these updates so you know exactly what is happening and why.

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